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Okay, so it’s safe to say that I am VERY VERY VERY big fan of Norwegian musicians. Now of course I was a huge fan of A-hA back in the day. I mean who wasn’t? Oh, you weren’t? A little bit though right? Take on me? Choone! But I digress somewhat. The real fascination and admiration for all things Norway, began around 8 years and 4 months  ago, to be very precise. I was 8 months pregnant and lying back listening to In the Blue of the Night on Lyric Fm and this most beautiful and evocative sound greeted my ears in the shape of Susanna and The Magical Orchestra and the aptly titled song, Baby. I was hooked. I’m still hooked and I wish to remain hooked as long as Norway keep dolling out supreme music shapers and artists of the calibre of Susanne Sundfør and Mari Kvein Brunvoll.

Here’s just a little selection to whet your appetite.

Love Ru! x

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