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I don’t want to un-know you.

I want to know why I feel full of smiles and trains of thought

that seem to instinctively coalign with yours for miles and miles

without you looking like you think I might be a little half-mad.

I want to know why, when we meet, my muscles almost immediately feel the pang of the leaving

And with you, the rain to my bones feels almost pleasing.

And I really want to know : if not you, then who?

If not now, then when?

If not for all of this, then for what could I possibly want to want, again and again


than how much I want to know what each sigh and laugh and every shaky feeling meant.




I suppose I can learn to know you less

Leave this settled place of sentiment.

It’s just that I’d love to one day love without it costing

what I can’t seem to beget

Without all this adding up to meaning I love myself LESS

(or for the time being at least)

And all because I had spent the best of me on a dream…

meant for someone else.

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My name is Ruth. I am an actress, singer-songwriter, writer, yummy healthy (mostly) cake maker and mama to a most beautiful 10 year old boy. Welcome to my world! I am... Living/Loving/Longing. Eating. Figuring it all out & Writing it down. Wandering/Wavering/Weaving. Sometimes knitting. Contemplating and stretching. Have a nosey around. Love Ru! x

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