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Here is what some of my students have had to say about their experience with Voice Coaching/Voice Discovery.

We consider ourselves lucky to have found Ruth McGill. She has been a fantastic teacher for Matthew and he has improved in both range and confidence. She creates a friendly, relaxed atmosphere to learn in and gets a lot done in every class.

Fiona Charleton

I’ve had many singing teachers over the years and Ruth is by far my favourite. She brings such joy to her sessions. Ruth makes the journey of discovering your unique voice very special. I am always greeted with a big smile and a tea. Time is never an issue and the price is fantastic. For those of you who believe you can’t sing…or who have been told you can’t sing… try one session with Ruth and she will unleash your unique voice. Also, Ruth is such a beautiful singer and musician and I have found it very inspirational to listen to her during my lessons. 100% fun guaranteed!

Aoife Moore

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My name is Ruth. I am an actress, singer-songwriter, writer, yummy healthy (mostly) cake maker and mama to a most beautiful 10 year old boy. Welcome to my world! I am... Living/Loving/Longing. Eating. Figuring it all out & Writing it down. Wandering/Wavering/Weaving. Sometimes knitting. Contemplating and stretching. Have a nosey around. Love Ru! x

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