The Evertides

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If you know me, then you’ll most likely know I’m in a band with my two wonderful friends Ruth Smith and Alma Kelliher and we’re called The Evertides.

We have just recently released our Debut EP which you can grab through




Here is a little taster of our sound. Seas on Fire from our Debut EP


Find out more, listen to tracks, watch videos, get news of upcoming gigs and all that craic through our website

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My name is Ruth. I am an actress, singer-songwriter, writer, yummy healthy (mostly) cake maker and mama to a most beautiful 10 year old boy. Welcome to my world! I am... Living/Loving/Longing. Eating. Figuring it all out & Writing it down. Wandering/Wavering/Weaving. Sometimes knitting. Contemplating and stretching. Have a nosey around. Love Ru! x

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