The Evertides

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If you know me, then you’ll most likely know I’m in a band with my two wonderful friends Ruth Smith and Alma Kelliher and we’re called The Evertides.

We have just recently released our Debut EP which you can grab through




Here is a little taster of our sound. Seas on Fire from our Debut EP


Find out more, listen to tracks, watch videos, get news of upcoming gigs and all that craic through our website

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The calm of the dawn, the swell of the sea and all the spaces in between.

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Lately I’ve been seeking/rooting out music with a dynamic flow. Music that stills you, prepares you then just let’s you go.

Where you go is all determined on where you are in that very moment.

I love that about music. It lays itself in your trusty hands and plays a dance with you and then it moves on it’s wondrous way leaving you a little more like you than you knew!


Here are a few tracks that have come to move me in those magical ways:

Hosanna by Katharine Phillipa:

Katharine Phillipa has a way with music and words that is very much hers and it’s a joy for us that she shares it with the world. Hosanna has that beautiful quality of taking it’s own sweet time to establish it’s world before gracing us with it’s overwhelming and heart stirring peak before falling away to it’s natural end which made me think of-

Song for Athene by John Tavener:

Here is a man who I’m pretty sure must of have been perpetually distracted from everyday thoughts of what to eat today and whether to stay in/go out, judging by the bountiful weather-system of music that was making it’s way around his person.  This beautiful piece of music gathers itself through a weaving of voices and goes to where part of me doesn’t want it to go for fear it would break the serenity. It smashes through the peace in such a divine way that all has to be forgiven and it leads me to oftentimes utter “no” and “Oh God” and  “just too flippin’ beautiful” and then I sing along to the top lines, or at least try and I smile such an unconditional smile that makes me happy for no reason.  Once again, this piece also moves into the distance and I feel a certainty that something has changed.

The Brothel by Susanne Sundfør:

This lady beguiles me and I don’t mind it one little bit. She can beguile me till the cows come home and I’d be left in the middle of the field wondering which way is home and I still wouldn’t mind. She rocks! This particular song takes you gently by the arm and leads you to a window of a very dark and, unfortunately, very real world. And you’ll want to stay until the end because she has designed it that way but when it’s over, you’ll want to get the hell outta there.

So for that reason….

Special bonus track time!

Fade Away also by Susanne Sundfør. I wouldn’t want you thinking she only went beautifully to dark places.


Love Ru! x

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Norwegian Envy

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Okay, so it’s safe to say that I am VERY VERY VERY big fan of Norwegian musicians. Now of course I was a huge fan of A-hA back in the day. I mean who wasn’t? Oh, you weren’t? A little bit though right? Take on me? Choone! But I digress somewhat. The real fascination and admiration for all things Norway, began around 8 years and 4 months  ago, to be very precise. I was 8 months pregnant and lying back listening to In the Blue of the Night on Lyric Fm and this most beautiful and evocative sound greeted my ears in the shape of Susanna and The Magical Orchestra and the aptly titled song, Baby. I was hooked. I’m still hooked and I wish to remain hooked as long as Norway keep dolling out supreme music shapers and artists of the calibre of Susanne Sundfør and Mari Kvein Brunvoll.

Here’s just a little selection to whet your appetite.

Love Ru! x

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Traditional Intermingling.

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Lau: Orcadian word for Natural Light/Gloaming: The time after sunset and before dark.

Lau, a Scottish contempory folk 3 piece unit with beautiful use of influences of quite a diverse range of styles, to my ears anyway.


The Gloaming: A Contemporary Irish music 5 piece.

Such Beautiful sounds and these 2 tracks just glide in to one another so seamlessly that they could be the same artists!

Music ROCKS!



Love Ru!

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When a song just never leaves you

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So, coming back to Jon Hopkins again with this one! But it’s this guy King Creosote who’s voice and lyrics are what is captivating me this time around. No doubt Jon Hopkins is enveloping the sound with his magic ways but THE VOICE! What a voice! That beautiful tone and the Scottish accented singing! Ah here, sure what’s not to love? So here it is: Bats in The Attic.



Love Ru! x

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