Imperfection Is Not a Problem | Tara Brach

standard September 12, 2014 Leave a response

I will advise any friend who will listen long enough to check out Tara Brach, because for me, she has been a huge influence and guidance on my coming-home to myself, the me who was there all along but got shoved aside for quite a while. The me who wants to live and love and belong in the World.

So here is just one article of Tara Brach’s Imperfection Is Not a Problem | Tara Brach, to give you an idea of her teachings, but I really recommend you download her podcasts and/or audiobooks to really give yourself the gift of the time to listen to this wonderful woman’s insights. I love her sense of humour and the tools she uses to really open up an idea in the dharma talks.

It’s a gift to yourself for sure and in turn, no doubt, a gift to the World.


Love Ru! x

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